Risk Prevention Strategies

At CPI Finance we adopt the no advice policy as per legislation, however having a background in insurance and financial planning stemming back to 1989, we understand how important this can be to a business’ success.

That’s why CPI Finance has a broad network and registered referral partners in the industry to make sure your most valuable asset is protected. You.


Business Protection:

Business can be a complex web of risk, however there are some fairly structured but simple solutions. Depending on your situation, we can direct you to a professional to further advise you on the following.

  • Key Person Insurance – Who is critical to your business.
  • Business Succession Planning – What is your contingency plan.
  • Personal Guarantor Insurance – Is someone or you a guarantor to your business or company.
  • Loan Protection Insurance – Transfer or payout business debt if a partner dies or becomes incapacitated.
  • Business Owner Protection – Is your family and estate protected if something happens to you.

General Business Insurance:

There is so much more to general business insurance than just fire, burglary and public liability. At CPI Finance, we can direct you to an industry partner that can review all your general insurance needs.

Loan and financial risk management:

The options available these days through financial market products is quite varied and inviting. While CPI Finance can not advise personally on these options, through our long industry experience  we can direct you to an expert that can. Some of the options available include.

  • Interest cap, collar and options hedging.
  • Commodity options.
  • Diesel hedging.
  • Risk planning.
  • Foreign currency.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF):

CPI Finance can help with all your SMSF loan requests, as we have well established professional networks that we can refer you to for advice with SMSF, trust deeds, legal advice, accounting, and audit professionals.

Why CPI Finance

CPI Finance understands that not all advisers really understand the complexities of business, and a lot of them are not industry qualified to advise accordingly. The CPI Finance advantage is through 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have established referral partners and contacts that can give you the correct advice upfront.

CPI Finance tip

“Where would your business be today if something happened yesterday. If there is any doubt, then you need to call us today for a non biased view”

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