Debt Consolidation


At CPI Finance we understand the regular and irregular need to borrow money for different purposes sometimes across multiple entities. As your business life-cycle or economic changes influence your business, then it makes good sense to review your situation, and tidy up those mismatched or multiple loans and credit facilities, that are impacting on your cash flow and bookkeeping.

A well structured refinance or debt consolidation will result in increased monthly cash flow, which can allow you to grow the business, reward yourself more, or pay off the debt sooner.

CPI Finance has access to multiple loan consolidation options to tailor to your situation.


  • Finance out hard core overdraft debt.
  • Combine built up credit card and operating debt.
  • Refinance external debt to align with your core business.
  • Structure internal balance sheet debt.
  • Re-align partner debt to the business.


The features are dependent on your situation and tailored solution, but may include.

  • Competitive variable or fixed interest.
  • Interest only lead terms.
  • Flexible repayment options.
  • Terms up to 30 years.
  • Offset account.
  • Residential, Rural, Commercial or business assets security.

Why CPI Finance

CPI Finance looks deep into your affairs including cash flow, balance sheets, inter company loans and your personal situation. With your permission, we also talk to your accountant to structure a solution that may create tax benefits for you. CPI Finance has access to a range of lenders to establish a solution that may not be available to you at present.

Financing tip

Reviewing your loans for consolidation is a great way for creating cash flow. However, your personal financial situation needs to be reviewed in conjunction to gain your best advantage. Make sure you use someone like CPI Finance that fully understands business as well as personal cash flows.

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