Remodel, Expansion, Relocation


At CPI Finance, we understand that every successful profession, at some point will have the need to remodel, expand or relocate. Maybe your premises needs a make over, you have out grown your current location, or see a strategic opportunity in relocation.

Whatever the reason, CPI Finance is able to structure a proposal that not only looks at the immediate need, but also considers your current structures and commitments to offer you a full package to maximise your cash flow to the business.

The options available to CPI Finance are varied, but may include the following.


  • Consolidation and top up.
  • Short term funding.
  • Long term funding.
  • Progress loan.
  • Escrow finance
  • Premises lease guarantee
  • New company or trust structure loan.


The features are dependent on your situation and we can offer a tailored solution, which may include:

  • Competitive variable or fixed interest.
  • Interest only lead terms.
  • Flexible repayment options.
  • Terms up to 30 years.
  • Offset account.
  • Progress payments.
  • Residential, Commercial, business assets or practice good will security.

Why CPI Finance

Regardless of the reason to remodel, expand or relocate, this is the time to review all your current and forecast lending to package a deal advantageous to you.  At CPI Finance, we have the experience to look at the whole operation for you, not to mention access to a range of lenders and offers that may not be available to you at the moment.

Financing tip

While all plans are well thought out, inevitably there is always a little extra required. When budgeting, include a buffer finance amount. If you don’t use it, CPI Finance can tell you how to best use the funds to minimise your interest.


Need funding? – CPI Finance has experience and access to a range of lenders