Residential Investment loans


Generate rental income, save on tax, create wealth through property or simply want to refinance your investment property for an increased personal gain, we have access to a range of offers that your bank may not have available.

CPI Finance can arrange loans for you individually, in a trust or a company name depending on your investment strategy. We even look at the negative gearing to make sure we add back as much as we can.

  • Greater choice – We compare from a range of lenders for you.
  • Clever system software – We use a clever system software that compares a range of lenders to meet your criteria.
  • No cost – Even though you may get a better deal, our fees are paid by the lender.
  • Bigger discounts – We see the specials, as well as being able to negotiate a better rate for you.
  • No hassle – Don’t worry, we do all the work for you in finding and submitting a great deal.
  • Your bank included – We may recommend that you stay with your existing lender with a negotiated rate for you.


  • Investing in house and units.
  • Buying in personal, trust or company names.
  • Building a rental investment property.
  • Refinancing your existing investment property.


The features are dependent on your situation and tailored solution, but may include.

  • Competitive variable or fixed interest.
  • Interest only lead terms.
  • Flexible repayment options.
  • Redraw.
  • Terms up to 40 years.
  • Loans up to 95% of the value of the property.
  • Offset account.
  • Progress payments.
  • Split loan options.
  • Aggregated package discounts
  • Professionals package.

 Why CPI Finance

CPI Finance is a commercial, professional and individual finance company. What that means is that we understand the reasons and workings behind negative gearing, individual purchase or trust and company structures, to make sure we maximise your borrowing ability. We also use clever system software to find you a great deal at no cost from a range of lenders.

Financing tip

There are several points to consider when looking at an investment property including capital gains tax, land tax, negative gearing and positive gearing. This should be discussed with your accountant or financial adviser to make sure the correct borrowing entity is used prior to signing a contract. CPI Finance can talk generally with you about this or at a commercial level with your accountant on your behalf.

Need funding? – CPI Finance has experience and access to a range of lenders