Insurance and Financial Planning

At CPI Finance, we have a broad network and registered referral partners in the insurance, risk and wealth creation industry to make sure your most valuable asset is protected. You.

Although we adopt the no advice policy to your personal situation as per legislation, we do have a background in insurance and financial planning stemming back to 1989, so we understand how important this is to you and your family to protect what you have, and create wealth where you can.


Risk protection:

If you have debt, looking at borrowing, or even just have an income, you should ask the question of how you pay the bills if you or your partners income stops. These days there is a range of solutions, and you need to talk to a professional that can review your personal situation. Some of the points of discussion may be.

  • Life insurance, or debt clearance and lifestyle continuation.
  • Disability and living insurance, or lifestyle continuation and unexpected expense clearance.
  • Income protection, or income continuation.

 Wealth Creation:

There is a range of options these days from as simple as paying off your home loan sooner to sophisticated offers for the experienced investor. Whatever your situation, there is specific advice that can help you achieve your goals, and may include the following.

  • Mortgage reduction.
  • High interest bearing bank accounts.
  • Managed Investments.
  • Investment Property investment.
  • SMSF investment.
  • Direct offers.
  • Sophisticated investor offerings.

General Insurance:

Protect your assets, and review your offer from time to time to make sure you still have adequate cover. Your insurance cover can be quite varied with things like accidental damage and jewelry limited or excluded. Insurance options may include the following.

  • Home and contents insurance
  • Landlord insurance
  • Car and motor insurance
  • Watercraft insurance

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF):

CPI Finance can help with all your SMSF loan requests, as well as having established professional networks that we can refer you for all your SMSF advice, trust deeds and legals, accounting and audit professionals.

Why CPI Finance

CPI Finance understands the importance of good planning and risk management. Having been in the industry for 20 years we have seen a lot of unfortunate incidents that could have been easily avoided. CPI Finance has established referral and contacts that can give you the correct advice to help you grow and protect your wealth.

CPI Finance tip

“Where would you be today if something happened yesterday to you, your family or your assets. If there is any doubt, then you need to call us today for a non biased view”.

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