Personal Lending

Overview on Personal Lending

At CPI Finance we understand that behind every successful business there are people, and that is why we have a range of finance solutions available to you personally. You can review all the options at our Individual page as follows.

Home and Investment Loans

Line of Credit / Equity Release

Personal car loan

SMSF Lending

Insurance and Financial Planning (personal)

Why CPI Finance

Too many times we have seen a business arrange finance for personal use direct or through an adviser who does not understand or take into account the related company, trusts, business security and serviceability ratios. At CPI Finance we review and structure a solution that is advantageous and cash flow beneficial to the whole operation, even if it is just for you.

Financing Tip

“Generally speaking, personal finance is not tax deductible. What this means is that you want to reduce your personal debt faster than your business debt, taking into account the whole cash flow impact as above. You need to seek advice from your accountant on this”.

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