Debtor Finance

Overview on Debtor Finance

Debtor finance has had a few forms over the years. While they do operate different across individual lenders, generally they are referred to as debtor or invoice finance.

  • Improve business cash flow by quick and easy access to money owed to you by your customers.
  • Finance is directly linked to your approved debtor’s ledger so funding levels can grow with your business.
  • Product matched to a fast growth business.
  • Receieve up to 85% of your approved invoices in 24 hours
  • Draw only what you need from the approved invoices.


Loan amount:

Draw up to 85% of approved invoices. Receive the balance when the customer pays the outstanding invoice.


Generally secured against your debtor ledger.

Easy access:

Online lodgment and tracking.

Tax deductible:

There may be tax benefits if used to produce assessable income. You need to discuss this with your accountant.

Why CPI Finance

Not all lenders offer this facility, and additionally not all industries are covered. CPI Finance has access to a range of lenders and options to find you the right fit for you.

Financing Tip

“This facility is only as strong as your debtor collection or debtor risk. Prudent processes on collection of receivables not only helps your business, but also improves your credit risk to lenders”.

Need funding? – CPI Finance has experience and access to a range of lenders