Essential Calculators

Mortgage Calculator | Loan Repayment Calculator

Use this great calculator to see what your payments would be. Contact us and we will give you an indication of what interest rates would apply to your situation. When you are ready to get serious, we will negotiate the best rates for you with the lenders.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Buying a property and not sure what the extra costs of stamp duty is? This calculator will help you to budget the true costs. Call us and we can talk about what other fees you need to budget for, and how we may be able to finance this for you.

Borrowing Power Calculator

Not sure how much you can borrow for a home loan?. This calculator will help with an indication to get you started. Once you are ready, give us a call and we can tell you exactly what the lenders will consider for you, and match a lender to your situation from our panel of lenders.

Pay Calculator | Income Tax Calculator

Find out just how much you will earn after tax by using this calculator, then look at what your payments would be on the loan you are considering.

Income Annualisation Calculator

Convert your income into an annual figure.

Income Gross-up Calculator

Find out what your taxable income is based on your take home pay.

Other Property Calculators

Property Buying Cost Calculator

Buying a property is not quite as simple as just the purchase price on the contract. This calculator will help you budget for the other expenses you may not have thought of. Once you are ready, we can review this for you and advise on your funding options.

Property Selling Cost Calculator

Looking at selling and not sure what you will end up with. This calculator will help you budget for the expenses that you may not have thought of.

Rent vs Buy Calculator

How much would it cost to buy your house compared to renting.

Leasing Calculator

Leasing Calculator

Looking for a new car, plant or equipment for your business. This calculator lets you explore the options. Call us for an indication of rates for your situation, and when you are ready, we can negotiate with a panel of lenders on not just price, but a structure that suites your business needs.


Other Loan Calculators

Interest-only Mortgage Calculator

See how much your payments are on interest only.

Mortgage Switching Calculator

Compare your savings on switching loans.

Comparison Rate Calculator

Don’t get caught with a cheap introduction rate loan without knowing what the real cost is. Use this calculator to work out what you are really paying. When you are ready, call us and we can provide a comparison schedule for you to show the real costs and benefits of a lender and loan offer tailored to your own situation.

Loan Comparison Calculator

Want to compare loans, or maybe split between a fixed and variable loan. This calculator can do just that so you can compare the two of them.

Home Loan Offset Calculator

See how many years you can shave off your loan by having an offset account linked to it. When you are ready, we can sort through the hundreds of loan options for you to show which lenders offer the best loan with offset accounts to meet your personal circumstances.

How Long to Repay Calculator

Do you have a budget and want to see how long your loan will take to pay off? A few simple questions will give you the answer.

Extra Repayment Calculator

Ever wondered how many years you could take off your loan by extra repayments? This will let you work it out in a flash.

Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

Sold a car or came into some money? See how much you can knock off your loan by paying a lump sum.

Split Loan Calculator

Looking to hedge your bets and want to have a fixed interest rate portion as well as a variable rate portion?. See what the total repayments will be by changing buckets to meet your needs.

Honeymoon Loan Calculator

A honeymoon rate is where the lender has a reduced rate for a set time. This calculator will let you see what the repayments are now, after the honeymoon as well as if it was all at a higher rate.

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Own your home but unable to raise a loan due to retirement or the like. You may be able to unlock some of the equity in the property now.


Planning Calculators

Credit Card Calculator

See what a credit card is really costing you. If you have equity in your home, you may be able to consolidate your loans and get your overall repayments down. Call us if you want to know more.

Term Deposit Calculator

Work out what a term deposit really makes you in interest.

Savings Calculator

Want to see how a regular savings pattern will help your money grow?

Budget Planner

Need to get a budget in place? This great tool will look at your income as well as all your living expenses to help you set a budget.

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